When this happens, it's a sign that the type of work you're doing has matured:

  • its business impact has declined, so the company's risk has declined
  • the company has been doing enough of it for a long enough time that they're certain it doesn't require any special expertise, so
  • it's time to reduce the cost

This isn't personal, so get over your feelings of betrayal. It's actually predictable. All products and services mature. If you can push the work down to 6th-year associates, knowing they're good enough, it's mature work. You need to do three things:

  1. Win the beauty contest to protect current cash flow. RainmakerVT'sWinning a Beauty Contest simulation will teach you how to do that.
  2. Begin investing in legal work driven by higher-impact, emerging business problems that require real expertise, and that enable renewed pricing power. The "Door Opener": Associating Yourself with Issues That Drive Demand simulation addresses that.

Before doing anything, though, you should watch the free video "Why You Need to Market & Sell Differently: Buyers' Comments." In it, you'll hear from legal service purchasers why they hate being pitched, and why they favor what you'll learn in RainmakerVT.

There are two ways to get access to Winning a Beauty Contest: 

  • Through your firm. Contact your Marketing- or Business Development department and ask for this training. (If they're not yet making the most innovative training in the law business available to you, ask them to contact us at 702-942-7367 to learn how to get RainmakerVT's interactive online training for your colleagues and you.) 

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