RainmakerVT courses are offered as part of four different bundles that correlate to lawyers' business development situations.

Getting Chosen

Learn how to manage a reliable process that motivates buyers to include you in the decision process and actually help them make their decision. 

You’ll eliminate rejection from your experience forever.

RainmakerVT teaches you a proven process to help buyers make informed, self-interested, confident, comfortable decisions -- in exactly the same way you help clients do that after they hire you...and you'll do it by using exactly the same skills, in exactly the same sequence, as when you practice law.

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Earning the Right to Advance: The "Next Steps" meeting or call

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The Decision Process, Step 1: Learning How Your “Door-Opener” Problem Affects The Company You’re Talking With

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The Decision Process, Step 2: Exposing “The Cost of Doing Nothing” (Eliminating Sales Activity That Has No Chance to Succeed)

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The Decision Process, Step 3: “Stakeholder Alignment”: Add Value by Helping Buyers Make a Good Decision

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A Collaborative Approach to Pricing: Share the Estimating Risk with Clients (and Make Life Miserable for Competitors)

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Winning “Beauty Contests” and other formal competitions 


Getting Found

Most marketing programs fail because they depend on outdated concepts such as Targeting, which doesn’t match how human beings behave.  Nobody wants to be someone else’s sales target. Prospects only want to talk to you if and when they perceive that you can contribute something relevant to their business discussion.

RainmakerVT teaches you how to use the power and credibility of trusted media to position yourself as an expert on a business problem that your optimal prospects must solve, and are already talking about. 


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The “Door-Opener”: Associating Yourself with Business Problems that Drive Demand for Your Expertise

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Profiling Optimal Prospects

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Become a “Thought Leader”: Uncover a Business Issue that Will Open Doors for You

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Become a “Thought Leader”: Use PR and Other Media Power to Penetrate Markets

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Making “Thought Leadership” Pay Off: Expanding Your Network from Your Desk

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Making “Thought Leadership” Pay Off: Your Media Campaign

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Drafting a Crystal-Clear Marketing Message That Attracts Real Prospects and Eliminates Time-Wasters

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Contacts & Referrals: Gaining Access to Decision-Makers

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Contacts & Referrals: Safely Transform Social Relationships into Business Relationships

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Networking Events: Progressing from the Doorway to a Sales Opportunity - Comfortably


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How To Get the Most Out of a Speaking Engagement

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Getting Inside the Tent: Identifying Less Obvious People Who Can Provide an Entry Point


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Create a Marketing Plan That’s Actually Useful

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Starting Over: Reinventing Yourself When Your Market Declines

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Write Articles with Greater Impact - In 30 Minutes