Innovative products & programs


Dezurve reduces firms’ business development training and coaching investment risks by identifying which lawyers are serious about BD. Invest only in the lawyers who are.

ResultsPath: The first integrated business development education, training, coaching program for lawyers that guaranteed a 400% return on the firm's training investment. 

TeamPathAn opt-in, self-managing client team process that

  • enables meaningful contributions from partners, associates, and staff,
  • develops skills, experience, and self-reliance among team members, and eliminates the need for and expense of individual BD training investment,
  • earns rave reviews from clients and firm leadership,
  • differentiates the firm from competitors, and
  • results in strategic growth and significant year-over-year revenue increases

RainmakerVT: The world’s first online interactive virtual BD training that lets lawyers learn inexpensively, at their convenience, in off-hours. IT not only teaches lawyers how to earn high-value clients, but also enables them to gain practical experience in the virtual world far in excess of anything available to them in the real world.

Decisive Advantage: A budget-neutral, success-based contingency sales coaching service that enabled untrained lawyers to produce immediate revenue.  (An official opinion by the ABA’s leading expert in law firm marketing/sales ethics affirmed its compliance with Rule 5.4 ethical requirements.)


Innovative processes


A networking strategy that enables lawyers comfortably to progress from the doorway to a sales opportunity, reduces their anxiety, and increases the number of qualified prospects they connect with at events

A buying-decision process that eliminates the need for lawyers to close sales in the traditional way, and instead enables them to succeed using only their existing “lawyering” skills

Collaborative approach to litigation pricing that results in clients willingly contributing to, and sharing the risk of, estimates’ accuracy, and undermines competitors’ ability to win with low-ball bids that they exceed after the client commits

Structured method to win formal competitions (“beauty contests”)

Way for lawyers to gain access to companies and executives through less obvious entry points that competitors ignore

Simple, bullet-proof process for lawyers to manufacture a network of business contacts who possess the precise characteristics of their optimal client profile

Method for lawyers to create marketing messages that attract legitimate prospects and eliminate time-wasters

Simple process to safely transform social relationships to business relationships

Concrete, specific, simple, practical, useful lawyer marketing plans

Process for lawyers to reinvent themselves when their market declines

Framework that divides the BD training mission into three progressive tiers, enabling firms to allocate training funds more rationally, reduce overall training expense, and allow everyone in the firm to learn about BD

Framework and method that enables lawyers to write compelling articles in 30 minutes


Coaching Scenarios

Unless your firm's lawyers are extreme outliers, you’ll recognize these representative examples of common attitudes, challenges, and situations that your lawyers struggle with, and that I coach them how to overcome.