CourseThe “Door-Opener”: Associating Yourself with Business Problems that Drive Demand for Your Expertise

It’s not who you know, but who knows you -- more importantly, what they know you for.  The good news is that it’s completely within your control.

Your “Door-Opener” is the high-impact business problem or challenge that you love to solve, that really gets your juices flowing in the morning, and that you’re superbly qualified to solve.  This problem’s importance literally opens doors to conversations with decision-makers whose job it is to explore solutions to these high-impact challenges. Now, instead of trying to interrupt someone’s job with a pitch or other sales activity, you’re now a welcomed contributor to their job.

This course offers a compelling argument for the concrete benefits of focusing on a single industry.

Here's one lawyer's view:

“RainmakerVT’s approach regarding identifying business issues before they’re legal issues -- I’ve never thought of that, and never seen a lawyer do it before. But it makes sense, and it works.”

Descriptive legal-service nouns, e.g., “Litigation” or “M&A,” are not to your advantage, and will exclude you from the conversations that matter.  This simulation will teach you how to define yourself so that you're included and sought out.

Make yourself relevant to the clients you want most. Align yourself with their future, not their past. This is the foundational principle, from which everything else in our business development discipline derives.

Learning CategoryThis course associates with both learning categories, Getting Found and Getting Chosen. Because it teaches you how to be relevant to prospects and clients, it's the foundation concept upon which everything else is built